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One of the biggest questions we get at tax time is... "How much do you charge?"  Well, unfortunately there is no "standard" fee for tax preparation.  Our fees are based on the federal forms required, and then we take into account the time necessary to accurately prepare your tax return.  Most personal tax returns average between $75 and $100.  1040EZ's are cheaper than the full 1040 for example.  We prepare and file both federal and state income taxes electronically, plus we will review your previous year's tax return prepared elsewhere for free.  Out of state tax returns are welcomed, but Illinois tax returns are prepared for FREE when coupled with the preparation of your federal return!

If you have a business, rental property, investment transactions, or other complicated tax situations then our fees will be more.  But we are always priced accordingly and fairly.  We typically charge A LOT less than the big tax preparer companies.  New clients that have gone to the big tax companies in the past are very surprised to learn that our fees are less.  Now, that is not always the case as sometimes these big companies will have low fees to get you in the door but then raise their fees substantially each year thereafter.  We do not practice the "bait and switch"!  Also, one of the benefits of working with a small tax preparer is the personal service throughout the entire process.  We offer full tax support and assistance throughout the year, not just at tax-time.  Our doors do not close April 16!  We are available all year for questions, tax planning, or preparing amendments.

Contact us to get a "ball-park" quote based on your previously filed tax return.  You will be presently surprised to see how affordable personal and ethical service can be.

Bryan Pullen, CPA
Princeville, Illinois

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